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Too much sex on television

CAROL MARTINDALE, [email protected]

Too much sex on television

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Minister of Family, Stephen Lashley says there is too much sexuality and promotion of homosexuality on some television channels.
Addressing the Child Care Board’s youth forum today at Solidarity House, Lashley said more must be done to prevent negative images from reaching families in their homes.
“If we are serious about combating teenage pregnancy we have to initiate a national debate about what we are showing our teens on television and the movies we are taking home from the video shops for them to watch. More parental guidance and control are needed.”
Lashley said many of the programmes were alien to our culture and he called on the children to take a stand by refusing to watch them.
He told the young people that “there is absolutely nothing wrong in saying ‘no’ to homosexuality and promiscuity” and urged them not to be afraid to take a firm stand when such issues confronted them.
He said young people need to be aware of the facts, reasons and consequences of their actions. He reminded them that children under the age of 16 could not consent to sexual intercourse.
He encouraged the young people to think positively about what they wanted, achieve their goals, set high standards and make informed choices after they had studied the facts, and to consider other people’s feelings and reactions and the consequences of their choices.
“If you feel, think and know that you have accomplished these things, then, you will make the right choice to ensure that your teenage life is a happy and productive one.