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MAN TO WOMAN – Getting second chances

Carol-Ann Tudor

MAN TO WOMAN – Getting second chances

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The traditional rule of thumb for men has always been “Do I As I Say, But Not As I Do”. Men love to cheat, but they hate to know their partner is doing the same thing. Man to Woman sought to find out from Barbadian men, if, after several years of cheating on their partner,  they would be able to give her another chance if they caught her cheating. The answers were not in the least surprising and revealed that most men, even if they tried, would find a hard time staying in a relationship with a cheating woman.
Bowen:  Honestly, as a man l may find it extremely difficult to take her back if l found out she was cheating. l would actually prefer not to know as long as she doesn’t give me anything terminal, because it would always play on my mind whenever she is not around me or l can’t reach her for some reason . . . . l would be able to forgive her, but not entirely sure that l could take her back.
Man to Woman: Spoken like a true man! Forgiveness is best even if you decide to move on!!
King Man: No one will handle having a cheating partner well. We men especially wouldn’t because we tend to feel that it will never happen to us. When it does, we might be too embarrassed to see we’re not the only one being “Jim Screechie.” For me if I was in that position, I believe I would give my partner another chance. Seeing that I was being naughty too, it would be a case of “what goes around, comes around”. The thought of another man touching my partner is not a good feeling at all. Men seldom want to think of it and don’t want to imagine that someone else has been that intimate with their lady. It is not a feeling we want to experience.
Man to Woman: It’s not an easy feeling for women to find out that their man is cheating either! The fact that your man is turning to someone else for attention leaves you to wonder “Is she prettier? Is the sex better? Is it money? Am I too fat . . . And the list goes on, and sometimes it’s none of those things, just their need to “share the sweets”.
Mr Responsible: I am not sure “men love to cheat” . . . men just love women!! However, given our social upbringing (men do as you please, women keep yourself quiet and be decent), men will always struggle with their women cheating. Personally, if I was caught cheating, I am done because my wife would never trust me again and I couldn’t live in a relationship like that!
Man To Woman: Your answer is so true. For men it is always, “Do as I say, but not as I do!” And the scary thing is . . . it will never change. Kudos to your wife for keeping you well behaved!
Controversial: If I were to get over her cheating I would probably not be able to look at her the same way again,  so even though in the short term I would like to think I could forgive her cheating and move on, in the long term our relationship would probably come to an end eventually.
Man to Woman: You’re not sure if you will get over it and not sure you can forgive either, so it’s best for you to move on one time…  sticking around it will give her false hopes.
Dark & Handsome: No man wants to know that his woman is cheating, period! Give her another chance? Hmmmm . . . let’s see . . . . Hell, no!!
Man to Woman:  No chances!! I sincerely hope that you are extremely faithful to your partner but like most men, I doubt you are!
Sweet Talker: I would be hurt, but I would definitely give her another chance if I felt she was serious about us. I once got caught cheating on someone I really loved and all
I wanted was another chance and I honestly would never have done it again. But at the time she was too hurt to forgive me, which was understandable. But that in turn hurt me. Now, no matter what someone does to me, I try to give them another chance because I remember when I wanted one.
Man To Woman: You are one in a million and a very fair man. I hope that once special lady has at least forgiven you and that you remain friends up to this day. Truly a good “catch” for any lady.
Mr Logic: Men are willing to give their partners second chances if they themselves are caught cheating or the partner’s cheating is a direct response to their own cheating. But they hardly ever forgive a woman if they have been faithful and she still cheats. It is all phallic symbolism. Most men cannot deal with the imagery of another man with his partner. They try to bury it in order to forgive, but in those quiet moments it often returns. But other men get over it quickly and do not care at all – like yours truly!
Man To Woman: I’m glad to see that you are one of those who will get over it quickly, because quite a few never get over it and the relationships that follow sometimes suffer due to paranoia.
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