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PUDDING & SOUSE: Big park-out planned

BEA DOTTIN, [email protected]

PUDDING & SOUSE: Big park-out planned

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Several commuters could be left stranded next week if management at the Transport Board does not address some burning issues.
Pudding & Souse understands that drivers are hopping mad about how they are being treated and are planning to park the buses if their concerns are not addressed. We also understand that the suspension of a driver last week could accelerate the process if he is not reinstated.
Additional information also indicates that the frustrated drivers could also be slamming the brakes on their trade union. We understand that they are unhappy with the bargaining process and are examining getting stronger representation behind the wheel.
Crouching lawyer, hidden paperwork
Is it true that the heat is being turned up on a certain legal eagle over the disappearance of some important paperwork?
Charges are being levelled left and right, but it appears that the man at the centre of the investigations has not unpicked his teeth even though the evidence against him and his partner-in-profit is strong.
The wigged group may be trying to deal with this sensitive matter as quietly as they can since any disclosure could shake the system worse than an earthquake.
We wish them well!
Service with a smile
It seems a certain store boss in the east is giving more service to his workers than to his customers.
Based on the reports Pudding & Souse is getting, this middle-aged man insists on employing only young things. But to ensure these young women hold their jobs, he insists on living with them. This randy Casanova is even asking them about having threesomes.
His actions are not lost on his wife, though. Reports are that she caught him in a rented Christ Church house making movementations with one of the young staffers who has since lost her job.
Those who are watching this situation unfold are concerned about how this man is running down the business by his attitude.
Silence is golden
Many people are now saying that a certain woman should have kept her mouth shut instead of trying so hard to explain her big embarrassing moment.
They are saying that all she did was to open a can of worms and subject herself to further ridicule since her account of the facts simply does not add up.
The bloggers were busy on the social websites dissing her statement. In future she should learn to get up, dust herself off and hold her pretty head high instead of bowing to social pressure.
Catching the spirit?
The congregation at a popular church could only hang their heads in shame and disbelief when a certain woman loudly castigated female members of the church in the middle of a service, calling them hypocrites.
It all happened when a senior female member of the church was preaching from the pulpit on Mother’s Day and praising women for being good homemakers. Lo and behold, up jumped a woman from her seat and began pointing her fingers at the woman who was preaching. She proceeded to call the woman a hypocrite and accused her of stealing her husband.
It got so heated that the outspoken pastor got up and told the woman that she would not allow her to behave like that in church. But the woman ordered her to sit down, telling her that her husband had cheated on her too.
There was a big uproar in the church as the pastor’s husband intervened. But instead of taking her seat, the woman proceeded to run around the church several times, pointing her fingers and shouting and screaming that they were all hypocrites.