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At odds on Stadium

John Sealy

At odds on Stadium

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The contentious issue of going through the National Stadium to be judged on Grand Kadooment Day raised its head when bandleaders met recently with the National Cultural Foundation (NCF).
But Roger Millar, president of the Barbados Association of Masqueraders, said his organisation was working with the NCF?to meet some of its members’ concerns while trying to move the festival forward.
“We met with the NCF?and they outlined their plans,” he said yesterday. “The only thing was that some bands would like to perform through the Stadium. Others disagreed because the procession moved a lot smoother for some band members.”
Last year there was much talk by band members about the change of the route that saw Grand Kadooment revellers being judged outside of the Stadium, instead of inside.  
At last Wednesday’s meeting held at the NCF headquarters in St James those bandleaders who wanted to return to passing through the Stadium questioned why the Junior Kadooment revellers were being allowed to do so, but they were not.
Millar said that the judging area had been resized and “we have repositioned a few things to enhance it”.
Millar also complained that there was not enough time for planning Crop Over and the downtime between finishing and preparing was hurting planning.