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Let down by Govt on VAT

luigimarshall, [email protected]

Let down by Govt on VAT

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GOVERNMENT SHOULD?FIND solutions to solve the value added tax (VAT) issue for Crop Over events and not just devise creative ways to say “no”.
Bacchanal Time tent management has also expressed dissatisfaction with efforts by Minister of Finance Chris Sinckler and the National Cultural Foundation (NCF) to address key matters of concern in relation to the festival.
During the tent launch at the Lucky Horseshoe, Worthing, Christ Church, on Wednesday night, the tent’s management said they were disappointed to be told that they needed, as tent managers, to focus on bringing people to the tent and just simply pass on the VAT when they approached Government requesting an ease.
Tent manager Eric Lewis said that to “pass on the VAT” meant increasing ticket prices, which might not be accepted by Barbadians in the current economic climate, because a “calypso tent is not a necessity to people”.
“My feeling with the whole matter of Government dismissing us is that they feel that we love this thing and whether they help us or not, we will come and do it.
“So when people feel that you are going to do something, they are not going to come and help you. People believe that tomorrow we are going to rise up and just do this thing over and over again. But the reality is that as Sparrow says, ‘no money, no love,” said Lewis.
“The public’s perception is that calypsonians always begging. But you have to understand that what we are having right now, we are at the end of the rope.
“We make those sacrifices year in and year out and all we are asking is for Government to come on board with us and understand what we are trying to do and help us.” (AH)