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THE AL GILKES COLUMN: To top of the draw

Al Gilkes

THE AL GILKES COLUMN: To top of the draw

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Have you ever noticed that whenever there is one of those high-profile draws on television, that the people whose entries are at the top of the pile never get a chance to win anything?
Sometimes the entries form a mountain in the centre of the studio, other times they overflow from a drum, a huge box or some other large container. Recently I even witnessed such a draw being done on television from the trunk of a car, because the vehicle also happened to be the main prize at stake.
But, and this is how it appears to me, it doesn’t matter from where or from what the would-be winning entries are being drawn, those who are selected to do the honours all approach the task with the same mindset.
They all behave as if they believe that the hundreds and even thousands of entries that happen to be at the top of the heap are nothing but blanks placed there to make up a number.
Sifting through what’s left of my memory, I find it impossible to recall a single occasion of seeing any person doing a draw, decide that he or should go straight for one of the entry forms, tickets or envelopes right there in front at the top of the heap.
Rather, they seem to believe that there is some unwritten law for draws which mandates that they must ignore all else and push their hands right down to the bottom of the pile in order to come up with the winning entry or entries.
More often than not, they are encouraged by the MC or the host to “stir them up, stir them up”. Unfortunately, it does not matter whether they stir first and then draw or just draw, it ends up the same way with the winner or winners being pulled from the bottom.
I can’t tell you the number of times I have filled in forms given to me after filling up at a gas station, after buying something in a store or after spending money for some other purpose, and waited impatiently for the night of the draw to come, convinced that I would be the one to win the car, the trip around the world, the house, the land, the big piece of cash or whatever.
No matter how many entries I submit, I never win anything in any such draws. So now I am convinced that it has nothing to do with the luck, but rather the lack of my entries being given a chance.
I always envisage that my entries are among those sitting on the top just begging to be taken up and opened. I, therefore, watch the TV and pray that the people pulling the entries would not go to the bottom like scuba divers in order to find the winners. But that is exactly what they do time after time after time.
But I am not giving up and hopefully somebody reading this who is chosen to do a draw will remember that the entries on top have the same value as the ones on the bottom.