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Thieves hit phone cables

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Thieves hit phone cables

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HUNDREDS OF LIME telephone subscribers in the south of the island remain without service this morning after copper thieves struck the Cane Vale, Christ Church network late Sunday.
Police were called in yesterday to investigate the matter after the phone company discovered at least 700 of its customers had been disconnected.
The culprits hit telephone cables in Cane Vale, with residents of Silver Hill, Lodge Road, Gall Hill and surrounding areas reporting from 8 a.m. that they had been without service.
Since then, LIME crews have been busy working around the clock to restore service to the affected residents within 48 hours.
In confirming the damage caused to the company’s landline network, managing director Alex McDonald said it was not the first time LIME had fallen prey to copper thieves.
“This is becoming more and more an issue but there is not a lot of profit in it [copper]. When they sell it, the police find out,” warned McDonald.
He linked the current state of theft to the increase in copper prices worldwide.
“The more the prices rise the more power and telephones lines are going to be stolen,” McDonald said.
Corporate communications officer Sonji Phillips also told the DAILY NATION that LIME would be re-examining its security measures in light of the latest incident.
“We may have to sit with the police and see how the company and the law enforcement agency can work together to eliminate the practice of stealing the cable,” she said.
Just last week thieves attempted another stripping but were foiled by alert security officials.
Phillips appealed to residents to be on the lookout for the thieves, explaining that LIME vehicles should be nearby anytime someone was on a pole.
“We are asking residents to be vigilant and report any suspicious person. Don’t assume they are working on behalf of LIME. Take the precaution and call,” Phillips stated.