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Woman falls to death in well

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Woman falls to death in well

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VELMA?SMITH, a 73-year-old woman whose sprightliness belied her age, died on the spot after apparently slipping and falling into a well at the front of her Durants Development, Christ Church home on Monday night.
A neighbour told the MIDWEEK NATION that she saw Smith in the afternoon and found it strange that she did not have her light on as usual around 6 p.m.
“She would normally watch the television show Days Of Our Lives around 6 p.m. and put on the light. When I didn’t see the light on, I found it strange, but figured she might have been in the back.
“Her brother came after 7 p.m. and was looking all around the house for her. She was a pleasant and loving person, very genuine. She was over 70, but didn’t look it. She never had a harsh word to say about anyone,” the neighbour said.
On the property there were mango trees and lime trees, and there is speculation the mishap may have occurred while Smith was attempting to pick limes. The police spotted the body late in the night, and firefighters had to be called in to retrieve it from the 40-foot well. Keys were spotted near the well.
Smith had worked in England for many years before returning to Barbados more than 15 years ago. She was the mother of four, two boys and two girls, all of whom reside in England.
Her plumber Reynold Weekes, of Kendal Hill, Christ Church, who did work for Smith as recently as last year, described her as a warm, friendly woman. (MK)