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Medical professionals must educate public

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Medical professionals must educate public

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When it comes to health care issues medical professionals need to do a better job of educating the public.
This point was made by Minister of Health Donville Inniss tonight while speaking at the NATION’s TALKBACK forum The Rising Cost of Health Care, at St Leonard’s Boys’ Secondary School.
In response to a question raised by a member of the audience, Inniss dismissed the perception that the revised Drug Formulary has resulted in an increase in the use of generic drugs versus branded drugs.
Inniss explained that the ratio of branded drugs versus generic drugs has remained the same over the years, with approximately 70 per cent of drugs in the Drug Formulary being generic and 30 per cent being branded.
President of the Pharmaceutical Society Bandele Serrano echoed Inniss’ comment, adding that while doctors and pharmacists must educate the public, pharmacists must do a better job.
Director of the Barbados Drug Service Maryam Hinds informed the audience that they now have additional and are monitoring the drugs in use. She added that if the public has any drug questions or concerns they should bring them to their attention.  (LM)