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‘Quieter Pork Limes’ this year

luigimarshall, [email protected]

‘Quieter Pork Limes’ this year

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RESIDENTS IN THE environs of the Lime Sports club in Wildey, St Michael, should be resting easier this Crop Over.
The popular Pork Limes, which start tomorrow night, will not be loud from start until finish as was previously the case.
Speaking at the launch of the fourth annual limes yesterday, bandleader of the Contact Band Anthony Layne, said they had listened to the concerns about noise expressed by residents last year and had taken steps to make amends.
“The pork limes will start from at 5 as usual and they will run until 3 in the morning.
“But this year we will finish all live entertainment at 12:30 p.m., that is DJs on the mic . . .  all of that will finish at 12:30. after 12:30 the music will be turned down or reduced significantly, where we will still have the music going that our patrons who are here can still have a good time and enjoy themselves, but it will not be loud at all.
It will be very low,” Layne stated, adding that Lime did not like to have so many complaints coming in. (YB)