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Downlow dilemma

Carol-Ann Tudor

Downlow dilemma

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Ping! Downlow? – Hell No!! I was in the salon the other day, only to overhear a conversation about a girl who went home and caught her man in bed with another man. What is amazing, is that just three weeks before she had been told by her friends that they had seen him in the club, with a group of fellows who “looked gay”. She confronted him about it, and he obviously denied being gay. Turned how he was on the downlow!! Would you have a man that was on the downlow and what would you do if you found yourself in that position.
Gissy B – I don’t have a problem with anyone and their sexuality and neither do I have a problem with a woman who has a relationship with a bisexual man once she knows he is bisexual….. whatever rocks their boats. I have a problem though with men and women on the down-low because that is how diseases are spread! Declare your hand and it is all good with me since I am not here to judge. What upsets me most is men that are always ready to “kill a b***” and will insult and instigate violence to known homosexuals when they are homosexual or bisexual themselves. It takes a stronger person to admit their sexuality than to pull a trigger of a gun. 
Wa Gine On Hey – I agree!! I’m not here to judge either, but men who don’t declare their hand are absolutely filthy and as you said, that’s how diseases are spread!!
Avril – In two words: HECK NO! My man, make up your mind. Who are you gonna be? You can’t be my man this morning and Bubba’s fill-in-the-blank tonight. It’s one thing fighting a girl over man but I refuse to fight a gay guy for a man cause we all know they don’t cool out. If I were her he wouldn’t even know I caught him, he would just miss me forever. 
Wa Gine On Hey – I want no part of a bi-sexual man either! As long as I know, I am gone. Straa88888.
Hottie Burke – Keep a man like that?? That is out of the question! I find it utterly disgusting when a man is on the down-low. Realistically speaking he in most cases is using the woman as a decoy to the lifestyle he truly wants to live and that is wrong – on all levels. I try to be rather objective when it comes to the issue of being gay – if that is your lifestyle so be it, but don’t infringe it on me! They are also signs that causes alarms to set off about a man who is gay…there are certain characteristics that just don’t hide and the fact that she was pre-warned and took his denial as gospel…girlfriend needed a reality check! I understand that for some men to proclaim their gay-ness is not a walk in the park.. but for God’s sake…stay single! Keep away from women and stop using us as a screen to your life. 
Wa Gine On Hey –True dat Hottie Burke. Using women as a cover when you know you prefer your own sex is simply devious. Stay Single!
Brownin Fa Life – Why couldn’t he be honest with her from the get go? If he wanted to be with men or even be bi-sexual, he should have given her the choice to be in a relationship with him or not. He decided for her by lying to her and not being upfront. I would hope she was using protection. My first steps would be to knock him out, go to the doctor to get tested and then I would put him on blast to warn other women. He is a low down dirty bastard who should be called out. He either doesn’t care about her or the relationship or he was in denial regarding his sexuality. Either way he should have been honest. 
Wa Gine On Hey – Down-low men are simply disgusting. For me getting tested should be a first priority as well and he better pray to God that all is well.
Dancing Queen – I think it’s a low down dirty shame that men have to do that crap. I would NEVER keep a man like that, NEVER. He’s subjecting my system to all kinds of nastiness just because he wants the best of both worlds. Those men need to get their act together and choose one or the other, better yet go along with the man and leave the woman to find a good, decent, straight man who is 100 per cent into her. That shady behaviour needs to stop. 
Wa Gine On Hey – The reason they do it is because 99 per cent of the women would never want a man who is bi-sexual, and they are afraid to let society know they would get involved with a man.
Aliboo – Keep him? Girl when I done chop him up there won’t be anything to keep. That is just nasty, even thinking about it crawling my skin. People like him can’t be trusted or even given a second a chance. That is why there is so much AIDS and other STDs out there because of people like him who want to go both ways. 
Wa Gine On Hey – I wouldn’t be able to chop him, I would go into a panic attack hoping and praying that I had not contracted any disease from him!! I support condoms all the way babes.
Anna-Lee – I think its nasty, cruel, dishonest and the list goes on. The girl could be having unprotected sexual intercourse with this man. Then she ends up with a whole set of STD’s including the big A. He most likely would bring down Jesus making her believe it was her that cheated and not him. If he know he wants to be gay then just go and be in a relationship with only men and leave women alone! He could be on the down-low with just men, he doesn’t need to mess up people’s lives to do that. Who on earth would want a man like that?