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Not Samantha!

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Not Samantha!

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If there’s a sheep appearing on stage at the final Cavalcade at The National Stadium tomorrow night, then it may not be “Samantha”.
Unlike what was carried in another section of the Press yesterday, the WEEKEND NATION understands that the popular blackbelly sheep which goes by the name “Samantha”, actually belongs to Nadia O’Garro, of Mile & A Quarter, St Peter, and not Shane “Stiffy” Atkinson, the song writer.
O’Garro said while she was informed by friends yesterday that an online publication had credited Atkinson as the owner, that was “quite untrue”.
When asked if the sheep would in fact be participating at the Cavalcade, O’Garro simply stated “I don’t think so, she is a pet sheep!”
The 26-year-old shop owner said people had been telling her about ads on the radio and even that the sheep was scheduled to perform in a tent, but that knowledge was “news to me”.
“Samantha is my pet sheep, and as far as I know she is not performing anywhere,” she stated.
I Carr My Sheep To Town, which was written based on the popular sheep that follows her mistress everywhere, has been blazing the airwaves and Atkinson, better known as “Stiffy” has soared to fame.
The song has also be giving Lil Rick’s Work very stiff competition, with the internet surfers on liking the song 3:1 to Work.
A check yesterday revealed that over 3 000 people “Like” I Carr My Sheep To Town, while Work had just over 1 000 “likes”.
But while men love the song, females are voicing negative comments. Generally, women are angry at the fact that Atkinson could be bold enough to call his girlfriend a sheep, and then try to be ambiguous about it.
The first verse of the song states:
I had a young ting,
Who tell me I cheap,
I aint know all the time the girl was a sheep,
My friends use to tease me and call me a shepherd,
I only find out one day when I went in Cave Shepherd
I ask she – You hungry?
You buyyyyyyy it,
Wa you want?
You got money?
I brekkkkkkkkkk,
I brekkkkkkk,
I brekkkkkkk”.