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DEAR CHRISTINE – Youths, take care of your body

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DEAR CHRISTINE – Youths, take care of your body

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Dear Christine,
While the focus is on children at the moment I think it is a good time to share some of my thoughts with the youths of our nation.
Young friends, do you know that your body is not yours to do with as you please? It belongs to God. He created you for the purpose of serving Him in every way possible. The physical part of you is just a manifestation of the power of God to give life to a pile of dust.
You were bought with a price when God’s Son, Jesus Christ, was nailed to the Cross.
Since this is the case you have to be careful in the way you treat your body. Alcohol, illegal drugs and tobacco only contaminate your body and should be done away with. They weaken you and destroy you. They stop you from functioning effectively.
If you have been indulging in these things and also in premarital sex, it is not too late for you to have your body, which is the temple of the Holy Spirit, repaired. I know someone personally who can do that. His name is Jesus. I can lead you to Him if you will call me or write to me.
– DS 
Dear DS
Your letter should be an inspiration to many, especially young people who need to have some direction in their lives.
There is much truth in what you have written, and I can only hope that those who have ears will hear what the Spirit of God is saying.
I am sure there are many who need to find their way back to spiritual and physical health.
I invite readers who respond to your letter to supply some personal information as a means of contact.