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Girls’ school launches Healthy Lifestyle Week

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Girls’ school launches Healthy Lifestyle Week

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THE CHRIST CHURCH Girls’ School launched a Healthy Lifestyle Week Of Activities yesterday in an effort to reduce the number of cases of children suffering from Type II diabetes and obesity. 
“We like to be proactive . . . . We do not want to wait until we see our girls with that type of ailment to take action,” said principal Heather Bryan.
She added that it was recognized that the children liked junk food and there was a move to get them to eat fruits and the vegetables and healthy drinks rather than soft drinks.
“The school has a cooler which has been stocked with the fruit juices, so we will practise what we preach. We are not only concerned about the academics but about the child as a whole.”
The school already has a programme through which students can have cereal and a cup of hot tea, but plans are in place to extend the offerings and, in addition, have a Healthy Lifestyle Day each week to promote the eating of fruits and healthy food rather than snacks. 
The week of activities includes presentations by nurses of the Randall Phillips Polyclinic, an aerobics and fitness day, and a sports and games day for teachers, parents and students. (LK)