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Up close with photographer Jaryd Niles-Morris

Natanga Smith-Hurdle

Up close with photographer Jaryd Niles-Morris

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A young Jaryd Niles-Morris used to fiddle around with his mum’s camera and take pictures but that was just him being inquisitive. Many years later Jaryd is now an established photographer with his work featured in local magazines and ad campaigns, as well as internationally in the UK Sunday Times and People Magazine.
Jaryd always had a love for drawing and illustrations and dabbled a bit in art, graphic design before finally settling on photography when he discovered how talented he was while at the Barbados Community College: “I like creativity. I didn’t know I was creative until my late teens.
“My love really manifested because as an illustrator I liked to draw people and interesting characters and photography just was such an instant medium. I could think it and shoot it, so I began to get into it more and more.”
Even though his parents didn’t think photography was “a conventional idea”, Jaryd has won them over with his ability not only to do still life and fine art photography but to make people come across as larger than life . . . making them to be a lasting impression.
“. .  . Some people say I am about glamour, some say fashion. I just like to say I simply enjoy photographing people whether in studio or outdoors. Personality pieces are way more fun!”
With too many people to name as his inspiration, he does have his hometown favourites whom he thinks stand out such as Joel Brooks, Khalil Goodman, Logan Thomas, Bob Kiss, Adrian Richards and Risee Chaderton.
He likes to pre-visualise and also put the components together as he goes along when he is shooting a subject, and Jaryd admits his style is evolving. Having things not go as planned sometimes is just a hitch along the way and the biggest challenge for him is “trying to find the best way to tell the story before me”.
But it takes simple things to please him in his line of work. “I travel with camera, strobes, reflectors, flags and so on and I definitely can’t live without an assistant.”
For Jaryd consistency is what makes a good photographer. He says to stand out you “must” be different.
“I wish I had more critics because I like the feedback”, he admits. “But I also put pressure on myself so I can keep up a certain standard of work.”
All work and no play makes Jaryd a dull young man. He is into martial arts and gymnastics: “I like outdoor stuff generally but I don’t mind sitting in front of a computer for hours.”
He has started his own company and Jaryd’s garage is his studio. From that spot last year he created an ADDY-winning regional Shell campaign.
Now he has been chosen as photographer for Honey Jam Canada’s national promotional campaign, along with model, make-up artist, hairstylist and fashion stylist Gigi Ma’at who is also an aspiring artist and. The all-female multicultural, multi-genre, artist showcase, Honey Jam, was started by Barbadian Ebonnie Rowe in Toronto in 1995. 
In a Press release Ebonnie Rowe states: “I take the part of the pledge ‘and by my living to do credit to my Nation wherever I may go’ to heart, and so I feel it is my duty to do what I can to represent Barbados well and to provide opportunities when I can to other Barbadians. We have so much world class talent here . . . .I’m so proud to feature Jaryd and Gigi in our campaign.”
Jaryd is humbled in being chosen for the project. “Of course I love helping out Honey Jam and supporting the work they are doing for female artists in Canada and here.  It’s a great opportunity.  With this shoot I wanted to give Honey Jam that edgy kind of vibe, kinda do it in my style . . . sexy, mysterious, sophisticated and a little dark.”
And to think he considered being in the military.