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PM’s pledge to the poor

CAROL MARTINDALE, [email protected]

PM’s pledge to the poor

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Project Urban Renewal.
That will be the focus of Government over the next two years pledged Prime Minister Freundel Stuart tonight in his televised address.
“The aim will be to improve the living conditions of as many as possible of the persons who are affected. The cooperation of landlords will be critical to the success of this effort,” he said.
“Housing projects at Valarie, Grotto, Deacons, Eckstein, Mason Hall Street and Pine, Wildey will continue apace as we sustain our assault on the housing challenge in urban Barbados.  These projects will complement both those completed in and those planned for rural Barbados,” he added.
Stuart said he continues to be worried by the stark deficit in the enjoyment of basic domestic amenities in urban Barbados. 
“I am given to understand, for example, that out of the total number of households which have to do without waterborne bathroom facilities, 50 per cent are located in greater Bridgetown and the South East,” he said.
“Government cannot any longer turn a blind eye to the need for a serious project aimed at urban renewal and is determined to tackle this problem systematically over the next two years,” he said. (CM)