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AWRIGHT DEN – Dreaming my dream

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AWRIGHT DEN – Dreaming my dream

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The 2011 Crop Over season has begun and so has the uncreative, poorly written, non-melodic and slack music. Don’t get me wrong, all the music doesn’t fall into the categories listed above but quite a few, in my opinion, do.
This is a clear reflection of the limited vocabulary, expression and creativity of some of our artists. I also believe the producers need to have a higher standard by not allowing every and anything to leave their studios.
I like some things about the season. I mainly look forward each year to the songs being released, the Pic-O-De Crop competition and Fireworks, the programme hosted on VOB 92.9FM.
 If I were a non-local who defined Crop Over by the music that represents it, I would have to conclude that Crop Over was all about juk, stab, pooch back, wuk up, guh down, bend ova, sex and rum. Maybe that is what the season is all about, so my definition would be indeed correct.
I must say that Peter Ram has really impressed me this year. Either he has significantly improved vocally in his recordings or the person who has mixed his vocals like ‘big rock’. Actually, when I heard his songs Facebook Pic and Whip Lash, I could not immediately tell it was him.
It would be interesting to find out how many songs have been released this year so far. Each year, I see a trend and I am eagerly waiting to see if it occurs this year. As soon as July kicks in, the majority of the music that is played on the airways is by Li’l Rick, Mickey, Blood, Edwin, Alison,
Mr Dale, Peter Ram, RPB, Khiomal and maybe Gorg. I wonder if it is that they have the best produced and most popular songs or if there is “favouritism” on the DJs’ part?
I have not heard every song released thus far but the two songs I like the best are Coming Down by TC with Peter Ram which has a really nice beat, arrangement and nice hooks, and Dream by Salt which in my view is a very well penned song. Come to think of it, I have not heard any of these two songs on the airwaves yet.I contacted Salt and asked him if I could share some of the lyrics via Awright Den. Just reading the lyrics will not do justice to the song, you need to request it on the radio to hear it.
Verse 1.
(my dream) provide so much inspiration
but my dream may not get played on radio station
some say my dream is so offensive
my dream offends those who are too sensitive
and too afraid, to see what is to be seen
so they obey, conform and ban my dream
and ban tobacco, but legalize rum
but my dream never make no man hit no woman
or gamble out pay cheque or hit no dope
but they say my dream does just go up in smoke
da is why I don’t vote, cause one thing I know
the system design to keep black people poor
and politicians that care – in the minority
Barbados getting steer – by the minority
we blood sweat and tears – gine to T and T
we blood sweat and tears – B S & T
Verse 2.
(my dream) may not make you wuk up and wave
enough artists does do that dey anyways
(my dream) is to open real eyes / and make them realize
there is more to real life / make black people heights
and start recognise, racism is alive, we fight the wrong fight
cause Blacks does fight Blacks so don’t blame the Whites
when we big up who light, Willie Lynch just won’t die
(my dream) wud see UWI create, graduates
who innovate not just regurgitate
(my dream) wud see government wid a plan
to make money, widdout selling off we land
(my dream) wud see parents raise them children
not blaming Kartel like he is the problem
six-thirty would know time and place
yo producer . . . gimme some bass.
Corey Worrell is a former Commonwealth youth ambassador. Email [email protected]