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Don’t ban alcohol, limit it

CAROL MARTINDALE, [email protected]

Don’t ban alcohol, limit it

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Don’t ban alcohol on long haul flights, just limit the amount served to those deemed to be past their limit.
That’s the suggestion from some of our Facebook readers who were responding to the Nation Talkback on the issue of banning alcohol from these long flights.
It was prompted after some people made the call for the ban following the story last Friday of a brawl which broke out on a Virgin Atlantic flight from London to Barbados involving about 12 passengers. Police subsequently arrested and charged three passengers, all British nationals, for ‘disruptive behaviour onboard an aircraft’.
When we asked readers if they believed alcohol should be banned this is what some had to say:
Will Connah: “Why punish everybody? Tougher penalties wouldn’t hurt”.
Angela Gray: “Why should the majority of us have to suffer because of the behaviour of a few? I’ve got a better idea – take their passports from them so they can’t leave the country ever again”.
 Trisha Hayward: “Limit the service to those who are presumed to be over the top or causing a problem. If they cause a problem a blanket ban on their travelling should be imposed.”
 Sharon Woolley: “It is the crew’s responsibility not to hand out drinks to anyone they  think has had too much.  If certain passengers cause trouble ban  them from flying on that airline, or better still make a black list so that all  airlines, when they go to book a passenger that is already banned, can then refuse them seats on their flights. They cannot give false names and eventually will not be able to travel”.
 Lisa Taylor: “Alcohol should not be banned on flights because of a few people’s bad judgement (to say the least).  The punishment they received was quite enough to me and it would also send a message to any other person flying into Barbados that we have rules and regulations that must be followed both for our safety and theirs”.
Dawn Rollins: “And while they are at it, they can ban the selling of alcohol all together in Barbados. I know for a fact that if a passenger is seen to be intoxicated before boarding a flight, then they are not allowed to fly. Crews are trained to determine when passengers have had enough and refuse them alcohol. I am yet to hear what started the whole disturbance on that flight and I bet you ignorance is more to blame than alcohol”.
Sese Yevrah:  “I think it (alcohol) should be banned because not everyone can control themselves when they are under the influence of alcohol”.
Wayne P Hoyte: “No. Some people consume plenty alcohol before their flight so if they bad behave you can’t blame it on the alcohol being served on the plane. Plus some people don’t need alcohol to misbehave. How I see it they were a big threat to the safety of other passengers”. (CM)

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