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HEALING HERBS: The dog dumpling fan club

Annette Maynard-Watson

HEALING HERBS: The dog dumpling fan club

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Etana’s song I Am Not Afraid romanced my space as I constructed my thoughts for this article.
That song reminds me to continue placing confidence in the Creator, myself and my journey here on earth.  
I am at peace and all is well with me. As the melanin in me rumbles with herbal wisdom, like King Solomon, I will remain focused.
My ancestors left a supreme legacy which informs me to avoid detractors. Additionally, the “silent doctors” continue to be researched at the folklore and academic level at many universities. The researchers are numerous and distinguished.
Therefore, it is imperative for us to walk in nature to make observations and also to conduct further “academic” research to strengthen our understanding about the scientific properties and any additional data required about “silent doctors”.  
Last week, morinda citrifolia or dog dumplings were in the spotlight and I dispensed a recipe for making the juice.
This week I will engage the interest of Mr J who believes in “silent doctor” dog dumpling. Mr J related that he became involved in researching dog dumplings years ago. He contends that a friend of his mother was in a health care institution very sick. Her ailments included out-of-control diabetes, with her toes turning dark and poor circulation.
His friend later telephoned her brother to relate the status of their mother. The brother said: “Take home Mama, I will be down in a week.”
The brother later arrived in Barbados armed with dog dumpling juice.
Mr J reported that “within three weeks the woman’s feet cleared up and she was Ok”.
That magical moment caused him to delve into researching dog dumplings. He related that he uses the juice to maintain his well-being.
“I do not sell my juice; I am not into profit-making. I make the juice for my personal usage. I will share my research/observations with anyone who wants to use it,” he stated.
He revealed that his juice makes him feel wonderful, keeps away colds and minor ailments, boost his energy level and gives him an excellent bowel movement.
Mr. J then advised: “We must go beyond the smell of dog dumplings to understand the true nature of the plant.”  
He explained that his dog dumpling juice is bitter-sweet and has a superb aroma. He also related that he saw a monkey biting out a piece of dog dumpling and eating it.
A friend of mine said that she was often in competition with the birds to get her dog dumplings.
Finally, the late American Dr Ralph Heinicke, a biochemist and graduate of Cornell University dubbed “the Father of Dog Dumplings”, is credited as the most informed overseas agent about dog dumplings. His research revealed that dog dumplings have the potential to improve health at all levels.
Rita Elkins, M.H (1997) in her book Noni posits: “Dr. Heinicke has researched all its compounds.”
Elkins further wrote: “Many people drink noni juice for hypertension, painful menstruation, arthritis, gastric ulcers, diabetes and depression.”
Next week, read more about dog dumplings.
 DISCLAIMER: It is not our intention to prescribe or make specific claims for any products. Any attempt to diagnose or treat any illness should come under the direction of your health care provider.

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