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TALK BACK: Brawl, boxer and exam joy pack punch

Carol Martindale

TALK BACK: Brawl, boxer and exam joy pack punch

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The brawl that broke out on a recent Virgin Atlantic flight from London to Barbados has prompted the call by some readers to ban alcohol on long-haul flights.
Last Friday we reported that police were questioning 12 passengers aboard the flight.
One passenger said she believed the culprits had too much to drink. Police arrested and charged three British nationals for “behaviour onboard an aircraft”.
NATIONNews readers were quick to respond.
Sue Holder: “Time to ban alcohol on long-haul flights, I think.”
Marva Chase: “Time to ban alcohol on long-haul flights? I think this should have been done years ago. This is not the first time people have got drunk and disorderly on board a plane, but it was probably the worst instance.
“Nothing is ever done about a situation or particular problem until things get out-of-hand or lives are lost. This is extra revenue for the airlines, so I doubt anything will be done about the problem unless some law comes in place to force them to discontinue the sale/serving of alcohol.”
Another story which captured readers’ attention was the plight of Barbados’ leading amateur boxer Anderson Emmanuel who was “down and almost out”.  The boxer’s house was damaged by Tropical Storm Tomas last October and since then he has been living with his sister in cramped quarters.
Our Facebook readers weighed in:
Tracy Barker wrote: “My question although it may sound harsh: Is he not employed and if not why not? And why should the Government find a home for him because he brought home a gold medal? Obviously boxing is not paying the bills. Please help me to understand.”
Rommell Worrell responded to the above response: “I can help you with that. All he knows is boxing. I grew up around the dude . . . . He put Bim on the map through what he knows best so you don’t think he is entitled to help if he is struggling?”
Popper Williams: “It is slightly disgusting that you all could approach the situation with such a mind frame. As a national athlete the level of training to perform at world level is astonishing. Yes, surely he should find a means to support himself but this story rings of the lack of support Barbados gives to its top sportsmen.
If participating wholeheartedly in sports is a dead-end road of impoverishment, why pray tell would any youngster continue with a sport past secondary school? Then how do we ever get our name on the map? What is the point of the Ministry of Sports?”
Readers also sent out congratulatory notes to those students who took the Common Entrance Examination.
In particular, readers were intrigued by the story and picture of twins Rashana and Rashona Holder who were highlighted on the Front Page of the MIDWEEK NATION. The twin responded to the dozens of comments with a hearty ‘thanks” on The Nation’s Facebook page.