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DEAR CHRISTINE: He doesn’t want me now she’s gone

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DEAR CHRISTINE: He doesn’t want me now she’s gone

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Dear Christine,
My lover who once told me how much he appreciated the way I took care of myself, when compared to his wife, now doesn’t seem to see these things anymore now that she has walked out on him and he is comparatively free.
I cannot understand the change in him, since this was what we both hoped would happen. What do you think of such a situation?
It seems as though I have wasted the past five years of my youth on this man. Neither his wife nor any other woman for that matter can compete with me for taking the best care of myself and my appearance. What do you think has happened?
– J.M.
Dear J.M.,
The grass always appears greener on the other side and your lover fell into that trap when he started having an affair with you.
You must be credited for taking care of your appearance, but you certainly did not take care of your inner self when you decided to get involved with another woman’s husband. Affairs such as these seldom last very long.
A man rarely leaves one woman completely for another and when he wants to, it’s likely he’ll mistrust his emotions and assess the cost.
If this man was dishonest with his wife, why did you think he would be honest with you? The wife at least has self-respect on her side, while you were simply keeping up appearances.
Face it. He had a good time with you. Now there may be new ground to conquer.

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