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FLYING FISH & COU COU: Song hits top note

BEA DOTTIN, [email protected]

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A certain kaisoman is being castigated for one of his songs this year, and he is also being accused by some politicos of forgetting those who care about him.
What has these politicos so upset is that this bard’s tune seems to have struck a chord with the public, and they fear that when the Crop Over season gets going fully this particular calypso will become a rallying cry.
This tune is so popular that on Facebook nearly 900 people have already indicated they like it and more and more people are sharing it.
What’s more, after every airplay on the different radio stations, people can be heard saying: “That is true, that is true.”
All of this has caused some nervous operatives to start exploring how they can place a gag order on this tune.
But wiser heads are suggesting that the best way to treat the song is to say nothing about it.
Kaiso blows coming
Cou Cou is waiting to see if a certain minister will have to eat humble pie after ignoring the calypsonians’ pleas.
We understand that quite a number of them are hopping mad and are planning lyrical VAT attacks.
For sure, the social commentators will be hitting the heavyweight politico with more than double entendre.
We hope his back is broad enough to take the blows because this is definitely going to be a taxing time.
Time for action
People in a certain constituency are wondering when all the information on their dire circumstances will be acted on with some urgency or if it will take another year as promised.
For the last few weeks, a veteran operative has been collecting this information and reportedly telling people that Christmas will come more than once for them, but they are not sure if it is this year or next year that is being referred to.
Constituents have told Cou Cou that this individual, who is a party stalwart, has become the eyes, voice, arms and legs for the sitting MP. Whatever you say, they write it down and apparently pass it on to him.
The question these constituents collectively want to know is if their homes will be rebuilt, repaired and repainted, just as other folk had done for them when Cricket World Cup was on our shores.
Clean up your act!
The newspaper vendor who was headlined in this column a few weeks ago has hit back hard at her critics.
Here is what she sent to Pudding & Souse in response: “Fresh off the press last week they lambasted the newspaper vendor but now it’s time for the breaking news.
“To the young lady that works in the [well traversed place]: why you don’t stop trying to be a trending topic. You do your best to get at me, including putting me on the “scabbical” page, but who is the real “scabbical” here?
“You must, like me, like status because all you do is follow me. Now you call me a home wrecker. But I ain’t went and find him; he came willingly to sample this African snail delicacy.
“You have enough time to study my life but not to clean your yard. Get your act together because when you live in glass house you should not throw stones . . .
“This avid home wrecker and scabbical will continue to spread the word about you – because, after all, isn’t that what a vendor [like me] is supposed to do?”