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Giant taste for delicacies

Anesta Henry

Giant taste for delicacies

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The Giant African Snail cannot be eradicated from Barbados because it has spread too far and breeds prolifically, producing hundreds of eggs annually.
On making that note, agriculturalist Keith Laurie has suggested that Barbadians stop complaining about the snails and start making use of them.
He said the snails, which were high in protein, could be fed to livestock or eaten by human beings, as was done “in many parts of the world”.
And while he is aware that many may voice their disapproval of consuming the snail, Laurie was quick to point out that once prepared properly, snail meat can be perfectly healthy.
After an interview at his Salters, St George home to discuss the future of the snail in Barbados, Laurie prepared a snail in garlic sauce dish.  
At the end of the interesting preparation process, Laurie dived into what he described as a delicious meal.
Here, he sinks his teeth into the snail meat soaked in garlic sauce.

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