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PUDDING & SOUSE: Soap opera talk of town

BEA DOTTIN, [email protected]

PUDDING & SOUSE: Soap opera talk of town

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Days Of Our Lives is playing out right here in Bim.
There is a certain vendor whom everyone is calling a sad, pathetic young girl.
They say she is clinging onto a man who for the past six years has been stealing love on the side, even though it is obvious that she can’t take the horns.
Her colleagues are laughing at her and saying she is as vindictive as Sammie on Days Of Our Lives.
And to think that her baby is also due on “Austin’s birthday”.
But what about the fireman who is holding the torch for her and her outright refusal to take her friends’ advice and not be so vulnerable?
This sure sounds like a scene straight from the popular soap opera. Everyone is saying that the foolish young girl will get caught but they hope it does not get her a slap like the one Carrie gave Sammie.
Playing games
We at Pudding & Souse received this letter which was addressed to someone referred to as Christine Imposter. We will carry it in full since it speaks for itself.
“Dear Christine Imposter,
“A certain person seems to be using her “job” more or less to attack her victim once again.
“In one of this week’s editions she wrote to Dear Christine posing as her victim and saying some things that are quite untrue. Everyone knows that it was her because she did something like this already – she put a fake congratulatory wedding message into the paper one week before. Would you believe she is doing all of this for a man? She has one at home and is doing all of this so she can “steal” another woman’s man. The same man walks around the neighbourhood and tells people that he just uses her for sexual acts. Even on the football field where he usually limes he talks about all these acts with the boys . . . . [It is] such a shame, but she will soon bring her pigs – or, in this case, papers – to fine market.”
B list shocker
When Gabby sang about the “list” several years ago, it caused quite a big stir on this little rock. And there was the same reaction this week when another list started making the rounds publicly and swiftly on BB.
This time around it was not the “A” list that Gabberts sang about but a “B” list – that is, a list of gay young men.
Their names, addresses, places of work and even their dates of birth were on the list accompanied by their photographs.
The deadly email making the rounds also contained very detailed information about their family background and, of course, their sexual partners.
Pudding & Souse understands that the long list has left many people in shock since some of the young men named are the sons of prominent people in society. For sure, fingers were pointed by extension at their girlfriends and wives.
We understand that at least one of the men issued a disclaimer on radio, condemning the list and saying he was not gay.
Pudding & Souse will wait to see if any of the others will also step forward.
Mauby mystery
Who put something in the mauby?
That is what authorities at a certain institution are trying to find out after many staff fell violently ill after drinking the bitter drink.
Pudding & Souse understands that police have been called in and the mauby was sent to the laboratory to be tested.
Meanwhile, people would definitely be asking if this act could have anything to do with the release of test results.
For sure, it is only an educated guess!