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WICB gets tough

Ezra Stuart

WICB gets tough

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Change your behaviour and conduct if you want further dialogue!
The West Indies Cricket Board (WICB) sent that warning to head of the West Indies Players Association (WIPA), Dinanath Ramnarine, yesterday.
The warning was among a number of decisions taken at a WICB board of directors’ meeting in Jamaica on Friday.
While pointing out that efforts to resolve issues with former captain Chris Gayle would continue following last week’s inconclusive meeting, the WICB made it clear that it “will no longer engage with Mr. Ramnarine on any issue unless there is a change in his behaviour and conduct”.
“The WICB will continue to treat WIPA, the representative body of the players, with the highest degree of respect and as a principal partner in West Indies cricket and will continue to engage WIPA on matters pertaining to West Indian players,” the board said in a press release yesterday.
But the board noted that given Ramnarine’s threatening action towards the WICB chief executive officer [Ernest Hilaire] and his “unprofessional conduct” during a recent meeting on June 14, it was decided not to entertain him.
“It is the board’s stated view that Mr Ramnarine has not demonstrated any willingness to constructively dialogue with the WICB in the best interest of West Indies cricket,” the board added noting it has directed management to communicate with WIPA to this effect.
The board also said that while the attempts to discuss and resolve issues with Gayle as it pertains to his behaviour over the past months, ended inconclusively, the WICB management met with Shivnarien Chanderpaul on Saturday and had “a fruitful and productive meeting” regarding his future involvement in West Indies cricket.
Chanderpaul was named to the Test squad prior to that meeting, but Gayle has not been selected for any matches since his return from the Indian Premier League.
It was also revealed that the WICB management would continue to engage out of favour left-arm spinner Sulieman Benn in an attempt to resolve issues relating to his discipline and behaviour.
Among the other decisions taken was a rebranding of the regional 50-over tournament, which will now be known as the Regional Super50 and will be played in Guyana later this year.
It was also decided that Trinidad and Tobago would host a segment of the preliminary rounds of the next Caribbean Twenty20, while Barbados would host the remaining preliminary matches, as well as the semifinal and final. The T20 will be contested from January 9 to 22.
The board also approved the event concept for a new WICB beach cricket initiative but noted management would execute more work on it and brief the board at a subsequent meeting.
Newly elected vice-president of the Jamaica Cricket Association, Milton Henry, was also appointed director of the WICB at last Friday’s meeting.