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DEAR CHRISTINE: Hubby just not into sex like me

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DEAR CHRISTINE: Hubby just not into sex like me

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Dear Christine,
I have a problem with my husband and would like some advice. Don’t get me wrong.
He is a nice man who provides for me and meets all his financial commitments.
He also has a good job but, as far as sex is concerned, he fails in this department. We make love only twice a month and when this happens, it’s over within three or so minutes.
We are both in our 30s and I cannot understand why he is not as interested in sex as I am. I will not seek sexual satisfaction outside of my marriage, but it is clear that my husband does not fancy sex.
When he sits to watch his favourite sport, he does not look at me at all.
Sometimes I even stand naked in front of the television, but he always tells me to move, as he is watching his favourite game and would rather not be distracted.
Christine, what should I do?
– O.
Dear O,
First and foremost, you should not try to persuade your husband to have sex with you when you know he is keen on watching his favourite sport, especially if he is a sports enthusiast.
Men hardly like anyone to get between them and their favourite game and your husband is not an exception.
I know it must be frustrating to be married to man who shows no real interest in sex and I respect your decision not to seek intimacy outside of your marriage.
I am sure, however, that with better timing, and in time, you can turn this situation around.
Find the right time to talk to him about how important sex is for you.
If necessary, also talk to him about going to a marriage counsellor or a doctor. They may be able to help him get over any frigidity.

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