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DEAR CHRISTINE – Will my young lover tire of me?

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DEAR CHRISTINE – Will my young lover tire of me?

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Dear Christine,
I am seeking your advice. I am 42 years old and there is a young man of 27 who insists that he is in love with me.
I am in love with him also, but we have a lot of disagreements because he keeps company with people I do not care about. They are wild and childish. Added to that is the fact that I get very jealous at times when he talks with the younger girls.
He says he’ll marry me as soon as I agree to do so, but I fear the future.
This is not from a point of security as I am fairly independent and would not be looking to him for much by way of support.
My worry is, what if he gets tired of me?
– Miss B.
Dear Miss B.,
As I have said before through this column, age should not matter if two people genuinely love each other.
There have been some happy marriages, where the age difference is as great as between you and your boyfriend, and more, but there is always a risk that as the years go by your husband may be attracted to younger women.
Since you are jealous as it is right now, think about when you grow older.
You’ll be looking for signs of cheating and could end up in a very unhappy marriage. I need you to be realistic at this stage.
I do not get the impression at all, that getting married to this young man is right for you – not with your hang ups. Sorry, but I cannot give you the green light on this one.