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Bajans respond well to HIV testing

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Bajans respond well to HIV testing

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REGIONAL HIV testing day is now in its fourth year, and Barbadians continue to respond well.
Social worker and counsellor with the Ministry of Health, Marion Blackman, said it had been going “very well” with a steady flow of people throughout the day.
She said it had been so steady they could not send too many assistants to lunch at one time for fear of falling too far behind.
Blackman, who was operating outside Mall Internationale in Haggatt Hall on behalf of Scotiabank, said she wanted to remind Barbadians that testing was confidential so there was no need to fear.
“People are scared about paying but it is free and confidential. It is a one-on-one setting and whatever the result, it will remain confidential,” she said.
Blackman said the testing was done on site and a date would be given to participants to return for the results.
She said if the result was negative, they would be advised to practise or continue practising safer sex.
If the result was positive, they would advise behavioural change.  (CA)