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Gold for culinary team

CAROL MARTINDALE, [email protected]

Gold for culinary team

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With the resounding cheers from family and friends the Barbados Culinary team returned the island earlier today with a record 11 golds and a number of individual awards including Chef of the Year from the 2011 Taste of Caribbean competition in Miami.
The Chef of the Year award was captured by a confident Mitchell Husbands who while holding his proud four year old daughter, Malyka Husbands indicated that it had not yet sunk in that he had won the coveted honour.
“The competition was very high and this guy placed a dome on the table which emitted smoked and wowed the judges.  But, I said that he has the smoke but I have the taste, where I presented a plate to make Barbados proud,” Husbands stated.
The champion was also inducted into the Caribean Chefs of the Year gallery.
While Assistant Vice President of the BHTA, Michelle Smith recognised the outstanding performance of the team, manager Henderson Butcher spoke of the three months of preparation which allowed Barbados to excel at the six-day competition in Miami. (KB)