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Karaoke with a spin

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Karaoke with a spin

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AND AROUND and around it goes . . . where it stops . . . you sing the song!
Something very different in live entertainment happens every Monday night at the Sugar Cane Mall, Roebuck Street, The City.
It’s karaoke with a spin.
The premise is simple. Brave contestants spin from a choice of five wheels, each representinga particular genre of music. Once the wheel stops, the lucky, or unlucky, vocalist must sing the song programmed to the number by resident DJ Allan.
Then the fun begins.
These avid singers congregate from early with their posses and friends to enjoy a night of good fun and camaraderie. Regulars like Victor Franklin “own” the moderately-sized nightspot. He said he normally travelled with an entourage of at least 13.
“It’s just wholesome fun. This is where you can relax and enjoy your Monday nights,” he said.
Proprietor Hallam Payne passes through and welcomes almost everybody personally – an indication of the personalized atmosphere and the coziness of the surroundings. And from their individual reactions, every crowd member is a part of this Monday night family.
As for the competition, the prize mountain, as it is called, starts with a modest gift basket and builds up to household appliances.
But remember, this is a friendly competition.
The contestants are here to sing and have fun; if they go home with a few prized items, it’s regarded as a bonus.
By the way, the audience makes up the panel of judges. So the more fans you bring, the better chance you have of being a winner!
Last Monday night, Antoine Williams took emcee duties and even did his own thing on the mic.
One of the night’s contestants, Catrina Murray, admitted she had been singing karaoke for at least 15 years. She was drawn to the Roll-A-Tune contest because she had participated in its forerunner, the Best Of The Bars. Catrina favours the R&B groove, and spun Michael Jackson’s Rock With You in the contest.
Other contestants included Dizai, Rolerick, Angeline and Kevin, who was the eventual winner of a Bed&Bath gift basket.
To add to the night’s enjoyment, Payne introduced another spinning contest – a bar wheel, what else! Spend a certain amount at the bar, spin the wheel and patrons can get their purchase free or win cash. (MH)