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What happened BET?

Natanga Smith Hurdle

What happened BET?

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When you let a fan announce the winner of an award, you always have to make sure the person knows exactly what they are doing – otherwise, you end up with a situation like this.
Both Rihanna and Chris Brown were up for the BET Viewers Choice Award when presenters Rosci and Terrance, hosts of BET’s 106 & Park, brought up a Tiffany Green, a fan, to announce  the winner of the Viewers Choice Award. But, when she announced the winner it seemed a key error was made and Tiffany had said the wrong name – Chris Brown.
It seemed the real winner was Rihanna for her Drake collaboration What’s My Name.
After making the correction, Drake went on stage to accept the award on Rihanna’s behalf (she wasn’t there) and gave the fan the strangest look and said: “This is an awkward situation.”
Had this had been two different competing artists involved, it might have been less of an issue. However, Rihanna and Brown used to be an item before Brown assaulted Rihanna prior to the Grammy Awards two years ago.
In a twist, BET Awards show host Kevin Hart later came on stage to say that the winner was actually Chris Brown and Tiffany, the fan, read the result right the first time.
In a further twist, Tiffany went on Twitter and said BET set her up and changed the script.
Read Tiffany’s tweets below:
 Flawless_ EhEhF1: Bawling backstage. They totally [messed] me up.
Flawless_ EhEhF1: The tablet [said] Chris Brown . . . the teleprompter said Rihanna . . . . Goin home.
Flawless_ EhEhF1:  So BET did that on purpose. Oh. I feel better.
Flawless_ EhEhF1:  Look . . .  I’m not slow. lol They did [it] on purpose. [Messed] up right? *shrug* smh