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Being horned by my husband

rhondathompson, [email protected]

Being horned by my husband

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Dear Christine,
Both my husband and I are in our 30s and we have been married for ten years.
I enjoy a relatively good life with my husband, but he has had quite a number of affairs during our marriage.
This breaks my heart a lot, as I am aware of some of them.
Because of my love for him, I have forgiven him many times.
Yes, I have been hurt tremendously by what he has done, but I love my husband and our three children.
He has told me on more than one occasion that he does not love these women, but that “things happen” when they throw themselves at him.
Is there a way at all that this problem of repeated infidelity can be stopped? What can I do?
– W.W.
 Dear W.W.,
What your husband is doing is extremely serious. In these days of rising cases of sexually transmitted diseases and HIV/AIDS, he is playing a deadly game
with his life and yours – not to mention with the lives of the women with whom he gets involved.
How can he claim to love you and yet have all of these affairs, even after you both sat down and discussed his infidelity, and you forgave him more than once?
When you took your marriage vows, you must have agreed to love “for better and for worse”, but it does not say that you have to continue to let your husband take advantage of you and disrespect you.
Doesn’t he know that adultery is clear grounds for divorce?
You will have to get your husband to agree to see a marriage counsellor or a psychologist, since I can only recommend professional counselling at this stage.
If, however, he realizes that you are content to live with his infidelity, he will continue to disrespect the marriage bed.