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Blue vex with REDjet

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Blue vex with REDjet

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AFTER BEING stranded at the Cheddi Jagan International Airport in Guyana yesterday, a number of passengers who were scheduled to travel to Barbados on a REDjet flight were eventually rebooked on another carrier.
One irate passenger, Aubrey Blackett, called The NATION’s newsroom yesterday to express his dissatisfaction that after passengers were booked to leave the country at 1:55, on arrival at the airport they were told the flight had already left.
“They told us that we would have to get in contact with the Barbados call centre and this and that. People will have to go back to Essequibo, Berbice, Georgetown. So we don’t know. They are trying to get us on to a flight, not before Wednesday because that is the next time REDjet is going to come down here,” he complained.
However, a release from REDjet’s communication executive Nyssa Pierre said only “a small number of passengers” missed the flight.
The release further stated that the airline had notified passengers last Wednesday about the changes through either email or at the telephone number that they would have provided to the airline during booking.
“A small percentage of passengers, however, were unavailable and did not receive the changes but were accommodated on later flights to Barbados,” the statement said. (MM)