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GOOD LIFE – Pat Parris

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GOOD LIFE – Pat Parris

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Former Senator Pat Parris remembers hopscotch and roast breadfruits
What is your best childhood memory?
I grew up in Sugar Hill in St Joseph, and on weekends and during the summer vacations all the boys and girls from the neighbourhood gathering at my mother’s shop where we would play games like hopscotch, jacks and picks-up. We had great times together as we roasted breadfruits or cooked a meal outdoors. Whatever I had was shared with my friends.
What is your most precious moment?
Sitting beside my mother on an aircraft in August 1980; it was her first trip out of Barbados. She was always fearful of travelling, so with lots of encouragement she was convinced to visit her sister in Boston. She thoroughly enjoyed that first trip and up until her death she looked forward to travelling and did this sometimes twice a year.
What keeps me passionate?
Lending a helping hand to someone in need and planning an event. Whenever and wherever possible I like to be of assistance to those in need, offering words of advice or helping them to resolve a difficult situation. I am energized when I have to organize an event and the size or type does not matter.
My biggest regret?
I have had a few but I often say I did things my way. I usually turn disappointments into success stories since I do believe that every disappointment has valuable lessons to be learnt.
A life-changing moment happened . . .
My father passed away as a result of cancer. Days before his death, he sat me down and gave me the proceedings for his funeral service, that is, pallbearers, eulogist and so on. His words of encouragement to be strong continue to be the compass by which I am guided today. Dealing with this loss has made me more resolute in strength.
My most treasured possessions?
My Bible and my family, especially my nieces and nephews.
How did I ever exist without . . . 
Knowing that God is in full control of my life.
The person who has had the biggest impact on my life?
My parents Charles and Marjorie Parris. Mummy always taught me to set myself goals and work hard to achieve them and my father always encouraged me to be a good listener.
What is your most precious moment? 
When I was appointed to serve in the Senate of Barbados and serving as deputy chairman of the board of management of my Alma mater, Grantley Adams Memorial. My appointment to the Senate was not only an achievement for me but for my alma mater, since I was the first Parliamentarian to have passed through the door of this great institution.

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