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Don’t be hasty to fall in love

rhondathompson, [email protected]

Don’t  be hasty to fall in love

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Dear Christine,
I’d like to offer some advice to young girls who are my age.
I am 15, but already I was made to believe that when a boy tells you he loves you and you are his one and only, he is mostly seeking to have sex with you.
This has happened to me, and now I feel like a fool.
When my mother tried to tell me to concentrate on my schoolwork, I ignored her completely. I had to learn the hard way.
One day the boy is there for you, but when someone new comes along he will vanish.
Young girls, especially those who are still at school, concentrate on your education, and keep your legs closed.
Life is too short for stupid mistakes.
Listen to your parents, and maintain your self-respect.
When a boy, or even a grown man comes along and tells you he loves you, ask him to prove it.
If he really loves you, he will respect you and not just force you into having sex.
If his love is really true, he will wait for you and enjoy the time you two spend together.
Please, please take my advice.
– Word to the wise