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Want out of my marriage

rhondathompson, [email protected]

Want out of my marriage

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Dear Christine,
I will soon be celebrating my 42nd birthday. Everyone believes that my husband and I are happily married and it is easy for me to put up the façade.
Christine, just over two years ago, I met and fell in love with another man who happens to be married.
I am trying to do everything not to leave my husband for this man, but he wants to wait until his four children are all grown up.
Do you think that I should cherish this love for him, and yet he expects me to wait? I have one grown son of my own, and could be a mother to these children.
What must I do?
– B.B.
Dear B.B.,
Leave this married man alone.
Let him and his wife be the father and mother that they are to their four children.
He has clearly put his family before you, but you are too blind to see, because you are not only bent on breaking up your marriage, but another couple’s as well.
He is wrong to entertain you, and should seek to keep his marriage together, while you seek ways to repair yours. Stop fooling yourself, your husband, friends and family; stop the façade.
Do everything to put this lover aside. He is not yours to have or to wait for.