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A home soon

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A home soon

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Senior citizen Jenny Wooding, who is living in squalor at Deans Village, St Michael, will be settled in her new home by next week.
Wooding’s dire situation was highlighted in the June 22 edition of the MIDWEEK NATION.
Minister of Housing Michael Lashley told the SATURDAY SUN yesterday that because of the inclement weather, the arrangements to transfer her to her new home in a St Michael area were postponed.
“She will be in the house by next week. We have cleaned out the house, but we are waiting for one agency to connect the water. And then we also have to furnish it.
We do not want to move her and all of the utilities are not connected,” Lashley said.
Wooding made a public appeal for help to improve her living conditions.
She pays $5 per week to rent a dilapidated house that leaks, and has no electricity or running water. 
Above, Wooding hangs out a dress she had washed on the stack of branches piled up outside her rundown home. (AH)
(Picture by Shaka Mayers.)