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FLYING FISH & COU COU – Legal hitch blocking pick

luigimarshall, [email protected]

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A CERTAIN JOB has been advertised and someone hired, but a hitch has been encountered.
The thing is no one is saying a ping or pang about it.
It seems as if because no-one is talking about the Chief Justice pick not being filled and the man identified has suddenly stopped speaking that that justifies the silence on the issue. But while there is no mention of it, a new vehicle bought and paid for is parked in a car park, gathering dust and leaves.
From what Cou Cou was told, the individual hired cannot be brought on the job for which he was hired because, like the Chief Justice pick, the law would have to be adjusted to accommodate him.
What people with an interest in this matter want to know is if this man is being paid while the confusion surrounding his hiring is going on. They want to know how this blunder of his not meeting the criteria by the legislation was not seen.
Was it a case of trying to score a political point that has saddled this haemorrhaging entity with the problem? We would all like to know.
I and I
SOME ARE?CALLING it an inflated ego and sense of self-importance. Others are saying his is the enthusiasm of getting what he prayed for and receiving what he did not expect. But for those who have to work with him, his behaviour reflects a serious case of Short Man Syndrome.
Whatever it is, this person thinks so much of himself and about what he does that he finds it difficult to recognize his successes are based not just on what he does, but the efforts of others as well.
From what Cou Cou was told, the unpleasant aspects of this individual’s attitude came to the fore when, amidst all the applause over an achievement he spearheaded, he complained that people were talking all over their face but it was his hard work that nailed the deal.
People within earshot complained that he was saying “I” so much that they thought he had adopted Rasta terminology.
They are wondering when this person will learn that those who are magnanimous tend to be more successful than those who want all the glory for themselves.
Wearing two hats
PROFESSIONALS AT a certain place that is often hit with controversy are wondering if there isn’t a strong case of conflict of interest involving a Johnny-come-lately.
From what we were told, this person was a noted voice for an organization that is supposed to protect the interest of these same professionals. But one of their own had to leave and a reason cited for his departure was his intimate knowledge with the same organization.
The argument at the time was that their colleague could not serve both entities.That’s why these professionals are concerned about this appointment.
Round One
A CATFIGHT of sorts is brewing in a certain organisation and those who know about it say it will be rough.
In one corner of the ring is an individual who believes they were born to rule. In the other is a fighter who does not like losing anything.
Their stage is a national platform where losing could mean a serious setback.
Cou Cou will keep our ears to the ground to see how this matter plays out.