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Kvitota wins Wimbledon

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Kvitota wins Wimbledon

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WIMBLEDON  — It may well be said that Petra Kvitova represented the new generation of women’s tennis as she took the Wimbledon title on Saturday, 6-3, 6-4 over Maria Sharapova, but that wouldn’t be correct. She entered the Centre Court arena alone, with a brand of skill and confidence all her own. It’s doubtful that any of her young contemporaries could have stood up to the moment so brilliantly.
They all play shockingly powerful tennis, and they all have their moments, but Kvitota is the one who stared down Maria Sharapova in the final at Wimbledon. So many times, Sharapova seemed on the verge of taking psychological command of this match. There were times when a nervous-looking Kvitova handed over a few choice gifts. But in the end, the strokes and the steely mental attitude belonged to Kvitova, a 21-year-old from the Czech Republic, new to the Grand Slam winner’s circle and likely to repeat the feeling throughout her career. (CNNSI)