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Churches: Crop Over too lewd

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Churches: Crop Over too lewd

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Church leaders have denounced the lewdness and vulgarity of Crop Over, particularly Kadooment, and are advising members of their faiths to steer clear of the festival in its present form.
However, at least two groups of Christians are adamant they have a role to play, and that the church should not wash its hands of the celebration but join in cleaning it up.
Rev. Vincent Wood, representing the Baptist Church, said while he saw nothing wrong with celebrating God’s blessings on the crop, the “common” behaviour now being displayed was quite unacceptable.
“The festival in its present form has indeed become too lewd and unwholesome for the church, the body of Christ, mainly the Christians, to effectively engage in it,” he told the SUNDAY SUN in a written response.
Full story in today’s SUNDAY SUN.