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Dog raid

Antoinette Connell

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Police moved in yesterday and smashed an early morning dogfight in one of its biggest raids – seizing ten dogs and a truck.
The latest raid of the bloodsport at Thorne’s Gap, Westbury, St Michael, prompted animal control officer Curtis Thompson to appeal to authorities to take the savage animal clashes seriously since the violence witnessed could move towards humans.
“When are we going to do something? We have young people being exposed to this violence to animals and they will transfer it to humans.
“It is becoming dangerous for police and for animal control officers. These people have drugs and guns at the fights and will protect their investments,” Thompson told the DAILY NATION yesterday.
The Animal Control Centre was called in to take away the dogs of mixed breed from the residential community. Thompson revealed that some were in good health, while others were suffering, had fresh cuts or healed wounds, indicating that they had been in fights previously.
Full story in today’s DAILY NATION.