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No gouging!

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No gouging!

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VETERAN TRADE UNIONIST Sir Roy Trotman agrees companies should a make profit, but not at the expense of consumers being gouged.
His comment came on Saturday during the launch of the two-month-long LIME Summer Student Experience Programme 2011 in the Barbados Community College’s Liberal Arts auditorium.
Sir Roy commended LIME for exercising a level of camaraderie [and] of empathy with Barbadians, while at the same time striving to build a profitable company for stakeholders and shareholders.
“There can’t be anything wrong with having companies want to have a profitable enterprise, providing that in doing so, they do not endeavour to gouge the consumer,” he added.
“And I can think of another utility that the public is crying out against at this time. But I can’t come to the house of one utility company and accuse another one, because they did not invite me to make that public statement. But I am sure you see the light in what I am saying.” (AH)
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