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Scant respect for training

CAROL MARTINDALE, [email protected]

Scant respect for training

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MINISTER OF LABOUR Dr Esther Byer-Suckoo wants youths to stop ignoring training opportunities.
Addressing the House of Assembly today,  she complained that many youths “do not want to train” and had a “scant respect” for it.
There was need for “a change of mindset” if unskilled and low-skilled, unemployed youths were to have a better lot in life, she said as the House resumed debate on a resolution “to take note of and approve” Government’s Human Resource Development Strategy 2011-16.
“We need to have our young people understand the value of training,” she told parliamentarians.
Byer-Suckoo pointed out that while Government was committed to training “youths at risk”, it faced this problem of resistance.
She indicated that the need for training had become even more important in the tough economic times, where unemployment was estimated at ten per cent despite Government’s best efforts.
Some jobs were changing and new ones were emerging, she said as she made the point that both youths and adults should “try to learn something new every day” and focus on “self-actualisation”.
She made the point that training would give the youths better job prospects, while improving output and national economic prospects. (TY)