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Should we wait till marriage?

rhondathompson, [email protected]

Should we wait till marriage?

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Dear Christine,
MY BOYFRIEND and I are both Christians from respectful families and we are getting married in December.
We love each other very much, but have never had sex, as we think this is wrong.
We have done a lot of heavy petting, but I want to remain a virgin until we are married.
My fiancé is trying very hard to please me, as we both want our marriage to be a success.
I am a bit worried that we will spoil things if we keep doing the things we do, especially since I do not always find fulfilment. Do you think this is possible?
– LJ.
Dear LJ,
Patience is indeed a virtue and you are wise in making the decision to abstain from sexual intercourse before marriage.  
Let me state, however, that the success or failure of your marriage cannot be judged by how frequently your heavy petting achieves success.
It also appears to me that you are nibbling at your cake and wanting to eat it whole, as you are compromising on this wish to remain a virgin until you are married.
Petting – especially heavy petting – can lead to many things If you are troubled by your actions, why not wait in pleasant anticipation for December to come?