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WIBC: Gayle not helping


WIBC: Gayle not helping

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PREDICTABLY, the West Indies Cricket Board (WICB) has delivered some bouncers at its former captain Chris Gayle, calling him “antagonistic and unrepentant” in discussions to resolve his dispute.
In a response to Gayle’s lengthy public statement last Friday, the WICB, late Saturday reiterated that there had been a history of difficulty communicating with Gayle and made it clear that his behaviour could not be condoned and he must agree to put West Indies cricket first.
Even though stating that it did not wish to engage in a public debate with Gayle or his representatives, the WICB said it was necessary to respond “to ensure that the public has a balanced view of the situation” as every effort was made to resolve the issues with him in an amicable manner by proposing meetings.
“The WICB is disappointed by the continued unprofessionalism being displayed by Mr Gayle in dealing with this matter. It does not help that whilst matters are under discussion, Mr Gayle, rather than expressing his views directly to the board through one of the numerous channels open to him, chooses instead to make public his version of events and to create further antagonism,” the release stated.
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