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CADRES: Not us

CAROL MARTINDALE, [email protected]

CADRES: Not us

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CADRES has distanced itself from a story carried in another section of the Press which purports that it conducted a poll on behalf of the Democratic Labour Party.
A press release today states that the July 5 edition of the Barbados Today refers to a CADRES poll conducted for the party a month ago.
“The article alludes to an interview with Peter Wickham, the Principal Director of CADRES in which he refused to comment on a news story about the poll…
“CADRES would naturally want to distance itself from this information, much of which amounts to “supposition” since we did NOT conduct a national survey recently and assumptions made with respect to leadership and the national political outlook would have to come from a national survey and not any of the localised exercises which we admit to having conducted”.
It further added: “The Barbadian public is well aware of the CADRES policy that we do not identify our clients and on this instance the private citizen who commissioned these surveys has asked that his identity be held in confidence. We would however state categorically that these surveys were NOT commissioned by the Democratic Labour Party (DLP)”.