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DEAR CHRISTINE – Parents say I can’t go out with boys

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DEAR CHRISTINE – Parents say I can’t go out with boys

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Dear Christine,
I am will soon be 15 years old and my parents refuse to let me go out with boys. They say I am too young and I must wait until I finish school and start to work.
There is one particular boy I like very much. I believe if he asks me out I’ll go without telling them. If I don’t he might not ask me out again.
I wish I could get my parents to change their minds. Can you suggest something?
 – PAT
Dear PAT,
Why do you want to hurry down life and go against your parents’ wishes? They know best and are trying to protect you. They probably have some anxiety over your yearnings for a boyfriend, but maybe they would not mind friends of both sexes in a general sort of way.
You might even invite them to your home so your parents will have some idea of the kind of young boys and girls you know.
I certainly advise you not to make any rendezvous arrangement behind their backs. You could regret it after. Such secret meetings have a way of surfacing and when your parents find out they could lose their trust in you.
Concentrate on what is important right now – your education. You’ll need it for life, and much longer than any young fling would ever last.
If this boy is genuinely interested in you, he won’t dump you because you cannot go out with him.
He’ll wait and show you that he really cares.