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Patrons having a ball at Celebration Time

CAROL MARTINDALE, [email protected]

Patrons having a ball at Celebration Time

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Veteran calypsonian and perrenial wuk-up grandmaster Li’l Rick snatched the Celebration Time posse out of their after 10 p.m. humdrum on Sunday and energized them with his frenzied gyrations.
But that was not all! Even he admitted that the Underdog was nipping at his heels – and in true dog-eat-dog fashion, the Hypa Kids were not far behind.
Add the jink and jive of emcee Mac Fingall and everyone who warmed a seat at the Plantation Garden Theatre on Sunday night would agree they got what they paid for.
From the opening bell it was clear the night held promise.
Donella warmed up patrons with Wuk It, followed by Summa and the Young People Fun And Frolic Dancers. She sang Display Ya Culture.
Then it was Queen T’s job to move things up a notch with Free It Up, a good forerunner for Kirk Brown’s first offering, Again.
Laughter “brek out” when old man Wrinkles joined P Boyce on stage to give kaiso fans the inside story on S&M, aka the lighter side of body piercing.
Nikki-C took her shot in the big league and entertained with Laugh, Nikki Laugh. Her swagger on stage caused Mac to wonder about her gender. The two-piece white pants suit didn’t help either.
Ishaka McNeil was in a talking mood and had A Conversation With Mr T. He generally was giving the late PM an update on Barbados since he’s been gone.
Fingall parked his comic routine just long enough to belt out Sex Before Marriage – there’s no doubt now where he stands on the current debate.
Movementation and “perkalation” is the key, Mac sang.
The nimble Queen T took to the stage again and made practical use of the little space she had to perform Ride That Bumper. The rest was under heavy use by Red Man who gave rapping accompaniment.
Patrons finally got a Bajan 20-minute break to sample the Plantation fare, namely fishcakes, chicken wings and potato chips. The bar was not as limited.
Another young calypsonian started the second half – AC brought social commentary as she sought to explain why she was a member of Barbados’ newest political party, the Heavens Elected Labour Party, a stark contrast to what Rusty Pin did afterwards. He may have have done more wukking up than actual singing – those in attendance didn’t seem to mind.
A sideshow unfolded on stage when Mac tried to get band members into the groove. No amount of coaxing got them to budge. Finally bass guitarist Elvis Edwards bailed him out.
In true Barbadiana style, De Coopa brought out a well-endowed Mother Sally and an entire tuk band for Tuk Ya. Nuff said.
Keanne, sporting a sexy hairdo came out as a Teaser, and so did her two back-up dancers. If the Plantation massive weren’t teased enough by them, Red Man and the Adrenaline Dancers and their Get On Bad antics certainly got hearts pumping.
After another comical exchange on stage – this time between Mac and the back-up singers – it was Kirk Browne’s next attempt to liven up de party. In a word, it was Crazy. So all that was left for Ramases to do was Create A Rhythm; he chose ragga soca.
The Hypa Kids used their happy feet to Mash Up De Place, their brother followed suit to Rip It Up, then the hardest Wukking man in Barbados – Li’l Rick – took what remained of the Plantation Garden Theatre and left it in a mangled soca mess.
It took a sudden shower of rain to cool things down afterwards.