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Two licences at a time

Carol Ann Tudor

Two licences at a time

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Senior Superintendent Mark Thompson made it clear to promoters and fete holders last night, that he would not be issuing no more than two certificates for loud music at their events then to “have to revoke them”.
Thompson speaking during a Town Hall meeting for Crop Over stakeholders and promoters of various events to clarify the misconception of “new requirements for licences” pointed out that it was a waste of time sending him numerous applications at one time.
The meeting held at the Queen’s Park Steel Shed came after confusion had raised its head two weeks amongst some promoters and those holding season fetes as to what were the correct procedures, and what licences should be obtained.
“It is no sense sending me applications for 15 licences because I will not be issuing more than two! So if you send 15 – I will issue two, and then two, and then two,” he stated to bouts of laughter, in what was a most cordial meeting.
Chief Town Planner Mark Cummins also cleared his department’s role in the issuing of licences.
“The Department is a facilitator under the Public Entertainment Act – as it states very clearly that people should get a certificate from the chief town planner indicating that the place where they want to hold the event has the necessary town planning requirements”.