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Case by case, says union

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Case by case, says union

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THE Barbados Workers’ Union (BWU) has negotiated wage increases for workers at several companies despite the crippling slowdown in the economy.
And Robert “Bobby” Morris, deputy general secretary of the BWU, said there were companies in various sectors that were still in a position to offer improved wages and salaries.
Speaking to BARBADOS BUSINESS AUTHORITY after the University of the West Indies/Central Bank of Barbados lecture by economist Sir Courtney Blackman on Thursday, Morris said the BWU was still taking a measured approach to negotiations, given the current economic climate.
“We have always had, in Barbados, case-by-case negotiations. And there are companies that are creating new wealth, creating added value, significantly so, and are sharing [with employees].
“There are others that are not . . . and they are asking the union for consideration,” he explained.
The veteran trade unionist and historian said the BWU was not only committed to ensuring that workers enjoyed a higher standard of living that came with higher wages, but the union was also committed to seeing more people employed.
In this connection, Morris said the BWU was “very accustomed to wage restraint”; however, it wanted “wage restraint that comes as part . . . of the collective bargaining dialogue”.
“We don’t necessarily see wage restraint as being an evil thing that cannot be accommodated within the entire concept of collective bargaining.
“If getting higher wages will negatively impact employment, then we have to give consideration to that,” he added. (GE)